Ethan + Ren Engagement

If I could make a dollar for everyone that told me they are uncomfortable in front of the camera, nervous, not photogenic… I would have a lot of money. I think 9/10 of my clients say this one way or another - and EVERY SINGLE TIME it is the furthers thing from the truth. Sure if I told you to pose and do your own thing for our session that would be awkward, we probably would get a lot of weird moments.. but I don’t do that to ya! I will guide you, give you actions to do - capture the laughter as you are making a fool of yourself (happily obvi!!)

Ren was SOO nervous. Ethan had just proposed the night before, everyone knew but her so her mom and I coordinated weeks before it even happened. YOU GUYS - these two are so dang fun and not awkward (SHOCKER!!)

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