Nick & Emilee | Oahu Adventure Couples Session

Hawaii Adventure sessions have to be my favorite EVER!! Emilee started her initial email with “ looking for photog who will help guide us to that ionic - you can only get in Hawaii spot, totally up for a hike.” YES YES YES!!!!!

Hawaii adventure session - I GOT YOU!

We decided to ditch the hike, but still get the cliff side feel. We spend the morning hanging out, dancing & laughing. Nick is a real fire cracker!! They changed their clothes for some bright but airy beach pictures and they ended their session in the water!! My kind of people!

Emilee is extremely talented, she is the owner of mint and lovely , not only the owner but designer!! Freaking Boss BABE!!!

I am truly amazed by Hawaii’s beauty. No matter the season of you life, if you come - HIRE ME to take your pictures!! They will be epic and it will be that tangible something that lasts a lifetime!!!