aloha - hey friends!

Hey, hey! I'm Mersadi - a wife, & momma to three! I constantly crave flavorful tacos, Whole Foods guac and a good sweat sesh! Running is my sweat of choice, followed by hot vinyasa. 

My days are filled with sunshine and littles, I love the ocean and being outdoors. We do lots of surfing, snorkeling, and I have become quite the sand castle master. On the best days it also includes my littles helping me make fresh cc cookies and family night at the tennis court.

I, we really, love a good car jam session. The singing dancing, moving and groovin get the belly laughs going. I love to travel, explore, learn, grow, and feel challenged.

Within this space you will find the pieces of my life that I have the courage to share. Everything is intentional and real. So feel free to browse around and stay awhile! 

The most powerful message, that I try to remember in everything that I do, is "How you do anything is how you do everything."  Go ahead and let that sit! Change your perspective and get out there and have a great day!

Hawaii Family and Children's Photographer
Hawaii Elopement and Wedding Photographer

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It's just as important for you to find the right photographer for you as it is for me to photograph the right client for me. I want you to be invested and as obsessed with me and my style so that you are left the happiest human possible!!

Our sessions will be all about capturing you, your happiness, your love, and the connection between you and your partner or family dynamic. So get ready to laugh, dance, be passionate and show feelings, really just be YOU!! 




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